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We’re an early-stage venture capital firm primarily focused on SaaS and online marketplaces.
We’re based in Berlin and we invest only in Germany.

How we help

Venture Services

We strive for new and creative ways to make impactful investments that will build more inclusive economies. We help by investing financial and human capital into companies, initiatives, and ideas that enable human flourishing.


Our equity investments are more personal than simple capital infusion – they provide a partner that shares in the risks and rewards of the business.


We provide simple and alternative ways to obtain access to capital for growing businesses by leveraging an entrepreneur’s character.


We provide support by identifying and connecting industry thought leaders and high-impact brand advocates to entrepreneurs and organizations.

Guiding Ideas to Success

Venture Industries

We are keen on supporting entrepreneurial visionaries, developers, engineers, and researchers. In short, founders with brilliant ideas. Please contact us if you have an idea, a concept, or an MVP in one of these industries.

Artificial Intelligence
Digital Health
Internet of Things (IoT)
Geo IT
Big Data
Virtual & Augmented Reality
We Invest In Companies, Initiatives, and Ideas

Investment Criteria

Each idea, no matter how brilliant, initially has no commercial value. A plausibility check gives more information about an idea’s chances in the marketplace and helps to check its feasibility and innovative content.

Mission Alignment

We look for organizations that share our desire to see people and communities flourish and operate businesses that are economically viable.

Areas of Focus

Our mission is to build a more inclusive economy, therefore, we seek companies and ideas that fit into specific areas that we believe will help us achieve our goal.


We invest in experienced leaders and management teams that have a desire to measure and manage social and financial return.


We invest in companies that operate sustainable business models that create jobs, make room for personal growth, and align with our areas of focus.


We seek companies that have innovative, market-making ideas with the potential for local and global impact.

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Top Ventures operates in the background, like a shadow whose advice is always in reach. We passionately support our startups and will not let you down.

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If you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss with us then please send us information about your business to review.